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What do other kid's think about the books?
"Dear Ms. Patterson,

I like your book that you read to us.  It was a cool book. I wish I had a book like your book." 


"Mrs, Patterson,

Thank you for coming in and sharing your book with us. It must have been hard to write a book for four months. Are you going to write another book about Fidget?"



"Dear Mrs. Patterson,

Thank you for reading Fidget's Freedom to my class.  I really enjoyed the story.  It was well written and interesting.  Peregrine Falcons are amazing.  Thank you for sharing your knowledge of falcons and reading your book to my class".



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"Dear Mrs. Patterson,

I loved it when you came to our classroom. I loved your book. The best part was when the eagle was chasing Fidget. I learned that the falcon was put on the endangered species list. I can't believe it was taken off because people cared and helped.  I loved your visit."



"Dear Mrs. Patterson,

Thank you for coming to our classroom and talking to us about your book! I learned alot about falcons.  I learned how people banned DDT and saved the falcons. I also learned how falcons use spped to escape from their enemies. I hope this knowledge stays with me my whole life!  I will remember this visit my whole life."

Yours truly,


"Dear Mrs. Patterson

Thank you for reading Fidget's Freedom.  This really inspired me to learn more about the falcon.



Want to have fun learning about the books and peregrine falcons?



                                             Find the following words in the puzzle below:


                                                   eagle                                           branch

                                                   talon                                           cliff

                                                   feather                                        wing

                                                   hackbox                                      bars



                      f           e          a         t        h         e         r        s            


                      h           c          b        a        v         a        f        d


                      a           i           s         l        m        g        c        o


                      c           b          k         o        e         l        f         l


                      k           a          g         n        d         e       f         r


                      b           r           a         n        c         h       i         u   


                      o           s           t          i         j          i       l         p


                      x           o           n        g         r          w     c         y






Click the picture  to download or print the word search.              



Find the following animals in the puzzle below



swift                      crane

swallow                 quail

 bluebird                falcon

sheep                     bear



E           P            R           S            L            M            O             S



L           R            S           W           I              F             T             P



I             C            R           A           D             R             E            E



A             F            A           L           C             O             N            E



U             L            E            L           V             G             A           H



Q             K            B           O            D             F             R            S



R             Z             H          W            Y             J             C             P



B              L             U           E             B            I              R            D




Click here to download or print the word search.          
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