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Fidget's Freedom

What is the book about?
“Fidget” is a young peregrine falcon eager to try out her newly feathered wings. She and her brother Echo were hatched in an incubator in a laboratory and are now living in a “hack” box nestled on a cliff. This will be their home until they can hunt and fend for themselves.  The caretakers – falconers and scientists, had become concerned about the plight of the peregrine due to the use of DDT in North America. DDT caused egg shell thinning and without intervention, extinction in some parts of their native territories was a possibility. When the box is opened to release the birds, Fidget, the bolder of the two, throws caution to the wind as she takes to her wings –and soon finds more than she bargained for on her first flight.


Fidget’s Freedom is published in cooperation with the Raptor Education Foundation whose mission is to advance environmental literacy through educational programs, books, research services and their website.

What do other authors think about Fidget's Freedom?

"...a glorious book.   The story and illustrations are both powerful and endearing.  Thank you for this tribute to a noble bird."

-Jean Craighead George, Author of Newbery Medal award winner Julie of the Wolves and many other books for children and young adults.

Fidget was full of energy. She was a young peregrine falcon and all of her flight feathers had grown in. She couldn't wait to try out her wings.

"Fidget's Freedom is simply a great children's book.  Its perfectly detailed, soft-hued drawings--by esteemed Russian wildlife artist Vadim Gorbatov--capture the wryly humorous, often-rumpled look of these amazing, yet not always swift and sleek birds of prey.  Likewise, Stacey Patterson's text successfully negotiates the difficult narrative line between over-humanizing wild things and the equally erroneous, empathy-lacking data of scientific papers."

--Alan Tennant, Author of On The Wing:  To The Edge Of The Earth With The Peregrine Falcon.

Suddenly the sky darkened.  A dark presence loomed.  Fidget was halfway to the branch.

Look carefully at all his details--Vadim Gorbatov teaches and even amuses as he makes images of great beauty.  I hope this will be the first of many books he will illustrate for an American audience.

--Stephen J. Bodio, Author of A Rage for Falcons.

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