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What is the book about?

Fidget and her brother Echo are two young peregrine falcons embarking upon their first adventures of freedom.  Both falcons were hatched in an incubator by humans and are now living in a “hack” box nestled on a cliff.  This is their home as they learn to hunt and fend for themselves.  Their caretakers, both falconers and scientists, were concerned about the plight of the peregrine due to the use of the pesticide DDT in North America.  DDT caused egg shell thinning and without intervention, extinction in some parts of their native territories was a possibility.  When the hack box was opened, Fidget threw caution to the wind and encountered an eagle on her first flight.  New adventures are now in store for the two youngsters while they learn to maneuver and hunt on their own, as they become wild and independent “masters of the sky”.


Fidget’s Folly is published in cooperation with the Raptor Education Foundation whose mission is to advance environmental literacy through educational programs, books, research services and their website:

What do other authors think about Fidget's Folly?

It was a pleasure reading Fidget's Folly by Stacey Patterson.  Superbly illustrated by Vadim Gorbatov, this book accurately captures the challenges facing a fledgling falcon in nature.  The restoration of the peregrine falcon represents one of the largest and most successful endangered species recovery efforts in history.  While people are often responsible for the problems facing species like the peregrine falcon, it is our intellect and compassion that ultimately represents  the solution.

J. Peter Jenny
President and CEO
The Peregrine Fund

 Finally, Echo was going to fly. Fidget remained in her spot at the back of the box. She watched him closely as he took a cautious peek.          

There is a heroic element in this story that involved both human and falcon.  Suspense and clarity are the forefront of this story describing the inevitable challenges faced by young birds as they enter life in the wild for the first time. I strongly recommend this book so filled with inspiration and hope.

Tony Angell, artist and author of Puget Sound Through an Artist’s Eye, In the Company of Crows and Ravens, and Gifts of the Crow

he sun brightened the canyon. Fidget headed for home.  But the plants, animals and trees did not look right.  NOTHING looked right!           

In Fidget's Folly, Stacey Patterson's reckless young peregrine herione, star of Fidget's Freedom returns, and after a harrowing adventure, gains her independence. The book is once again illustrated by Russian master artist Vadim Gorbatov. The result is a perfect colloboration; the biography of a headstrong young bird, illustrated by one of the best portraitists of birds of prey alive.

Stephen Bodio, author of the forthcoming An Eternity of Eagles, and of Eagle Dreams, Querencia, and many other books.

 “KAK,KAK, KAK” thundered across the canyon. Fidget bobbed her head in excitement.  “KAK, KAK, KAK” she bellowed back!                                            

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